Welcome to my wonderful world of books

Welcome to Heleniherbert.com. I’m Helen, an Author who has lived with and loved books since I was a child.

Books are a delightful way to escape, be educated, and to see the world in a different way. I write for pleasure. On this website, I invite you to read excerpts from four books I have written. Each is different in that the plots vary (of course). However, I like to explore characters, their feelings, relationships, flaws, and triumphs. If you also like to read about relationships with some romance, travel, challenges and mystery thrown in, then please join me, Helen Herbert.

Read Chapters of My Books for Free

Try before you buy, right? Here you can read the first couple of chapters of all my books for free. No obligation.

Whether you like travel, mystery, romance, history, or relationships I hope you’ll find one or more of my books entertaining and enjoyable.

If you like reading about strong-minded career women resisting the romance of Italy and the charms of an Italian man, you’ll love ‘Executive Dilemma’. If Kate is swept off her feet by Ricardo, will she ever succeed as a businesswoman? Should she follow her heart or her head? And can she have both?

Perhaps a riveting mystery is what has you curled up with a good book. In ‘Lost Property’ Sage Moorfield returns to her home in a delightful English country village to find her husband gone. Not only that… her whole house has disappeared too! A vacant garden is all that is left of Sage’s home and marriage. What on earth has happened?

More excerpts from other books to come SOON.

Books by Helen I. Herbert from $US4.95

When you click to download or purchase one of my books, you can read the first chapters for FREE. See if one, or more, of my books are of interest to you. You can also read some testimonials by scrolling down this page.

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Testimonials for Books by Helen I. Herbert

Many readers have loved these books and were kind enough to leave reviews. Including;

“Another great read by this talented author. ‘A Year of Change’ is a believable, well written story with endearing characters. I doubt anyone could read this book without being able to relate to the personalities and/or personal journeys of the characters. For kiwis, the references to favourite foods, well known streets, shops and such, sets a realistic scene in which to loose yourself, there amongst your new found neighbours in Redfern Lane. I finished the book in half a day, couldn’t put it down”.

“I spent the day with Sage today, the key character in ‘Lost Property’. It was a windy hot day so I stayed inside and read Helen’s excellent new book. For an Antipodean, it is lovely to read the carefully crafted descriptions out of an England my Grandparents inhabited. A curious, unusual plot to keep one wondering, a book populated by well-formed characters who, by late afternoon, felt like friends. An engaging read from the Author of books A Year Of Change, There and Beyond, and Executive Dilemma”

“A great engaging read, couldn’t put it down! The characters are believable and easy to relate to. Was a bonus to read about New Zealand as well, since not many stories are set there. An added bit of nostalgia for an expat kiwi, reading from abroad. Now looking forward to reading A Year Of Change!”

“I enjoy escaping with a good book. When I read about ‘real people’ I wonder what I’d do in the same circumstances. Would I say the same thing? Would I react the same way? Helen’s books are beautifully written and draw in the reader to care about characters that seem so real”

“I loved reading this book because I came to care about the characters and their lives. Anyone reading ‘A Year of Change’ will, I’m sure, see characteristics of people they know and understand some of the behaviors and motivations. ‘A Year of Change’ is exceptionally well-written and crafted to appeal to people who enjoy reading and appreciate the craft of writing. It’s also a wonderfully relaxing read and fabulous for taking on holiday. Relax, enjoy, have a glass of wine…and wonder about your own ‘year of change’…if you haven’t had one yet, you will have one soon. Highly recommended, DO buy now”.

“This book is a great read! The author demonstrates her real awareness of people’s variable behaviours from different walks of life. The characters in the book really came to life for me and I found myself wishing I lived in a similar kind of street. I loved the way goodwill and kindness countered negative forces. I found myself to be moved by the interaction between some of the characters and was keenly interested to discover the eventual outcome as the story unfolded”.

“I found this tale to be a very satisfying and delightful experience. A very well written tale of everyday New Zealand lives and interactions. I enjoyed the year and related to the wonderful way that peoples lives can change and the joy and rewards that can come from human kindness. Well worth a read especially if you are a New Zealander”.

That’s the thing about books… they allow you to travel without moving your feet

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