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Lost Property

Sage Moorfield returns from a business trip to her sleepy English village only to be confronted with an incredible mystery. Her husband and her home have completely disappeared! There is no trace of him or any trace of the cottage they shared. Without any reason why and few clues, Sage is left to unravel a disturbing mystery.

‘Lost Property’ details Sage’s journey to find out what has happened to her life. Along the way she meets many intriguing characters, each with their on unique story. Who can help Sage solve this crazy situation? What is the real reason behind this unbelievable mystery? Will it ever be solved? Sage learns she may need to chnage her whole outlook, and her philosophy, in order to retrieve what she has lost.

What’s ‘Lost Property’ All About?

‘Lost Property’ is the fourth novel written and published by Helen I. Herbert. Set in England in 1970-1971 it tells the story of Sage Moorfield who has been happily married for three years. Returning from a Conference in Scotland, she finds both her home and her husband have completely disappeared without trace. Nothing has been left to help her solve the mystery which has devastated her life.

Set in a beautiful English village in the early 1970’s, Sage’s loss is at the heart of ‘Lost Property’. As she bravely faces the enormity of her task to reveal the truth, the reader follows Sage’s trials and tribulations as she endeavours to deal with the problem.

Fascinating characters abound as Sage meets and makes friends with a variety of interesting people who excel in helping her unravel the difficulties. Intriguing sub-plots run through the book as each of these people have their own stories to tell. Sage’s experiences, as the mystery is revealed, result in a gradual change in her outlook and philosophy.

There And Beyond

From the creative author of ‘Executive Dilemma’ and ‘A Year of Change, this latest work from Helen I. Herbert brings the exciting possibilities of the 1950s back to life. ‘There and Beyond’ tells the stories of five young women from post-war Britain who embark on the adventure of a generation – moving across the globe to the fledgling colonial nation of New Zealand. It is here in the antipodes that they have been contracted to work for two years in a strange and young country so unfamiliar from their own. A glimpse back to life as it was, – distance, romance, love and loss.

What’s ‘There And Beyond’ All About?

Unknown to each other when the story begins, five young women share a cabin on a ship in 1956 bound for New Zealand. Chrissie and Janet are both from less privileged backgrounds in Scotland. Felicity was born into the ‘upper class’ and is a radiographer. Isobel is a schoolteacher and Caroline is a clerk. This fascinating tale encompasses a blend of joy, heartache, tragedy, and surprise. Five young women embark into the unknown, leave their families, and have no idea what their future holds. Be there with them along the way, and join them in their subsequent London reunion thirty years later.

Executive Dilemma

Set between Wellington, New Zealand and Florence, Italy this novel concerns Kate Carruthers, a feisty young engineer, who is determined to put her ambition and career ahead of love. Deceived by men in the past, she has decided to live her life without them. Then a handsome Italian, Ricardo Bertoli, bursts into her life. What follows is a story of travel, turmoil, intrigue, and passion.

What’s ‘Executive Dilemma’ All About?

Kate Carruthers is an independent and feisty engineer who will let nothing, including romance, come between her and her sole ambition – to become Managing Director of her own company. Nothing, that is, until Ricardo Bertoli, a fellow company executive, bursts uninvited into her highly ordered life. Despite her her belief that he is a womaniser, and her career ambitions, Kate is wildly attracted to him. However, she attempts to erase him from her life after overhearing company gossip involving Ricardo and another employee. The earth would have to radically move if she were to change her mind – and then it does in a way she hadn’t imagined.

The story moves between the beautiful landscape of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand, and the stunning attractions of Florence, Italy, with its history, traditions, scenery and art. There are many unexpected twists and turns to the plot. Even before they meet, why is Ricardo’s mother so antagonistic towards Kate? What dark secret is she hiding? Why does Ricardo blow hot and cold between professing his love for Kate and then ignoring her? Who is the beautiful woman in the photo? What secrets are hidden in the Bertoli household? Will Kate’s ambition win the battle with her heart?

An additional sub-plot involves Kate’s father. Who is the American woman who suddenly appears on the scene? What are her real motives? Does she she herself replacing Kate’s long-dead mother? Or is she just another gold-digger? Follow Kate’s unrelenting story as she deals with two important men in her life, both of whom threaten her happiness.

A Year of Change

Love, loss, despair and success are universal themes. However, the way they are told can differ according to the perspective of the storyteller. Meet a group of friends and neighbours living in Christchurch, New Zealand, in this heart-warming story depicting the loves, challenges and choices of seemingly very real people.

What’s ‘A Year of Change’ All About?

An up-scale hillside neighbourhood in the very English city of Christchurch, New Zealand, is the backdrop for ‘A Year of Change’. It reveals the stories of residents over the period of one year. As with any group of people they have their similarities and their differences.

Eleanor Chandler is a pompous snob in her 80’s. She looks down on Kay Smith, a newcomer to the area and at the bottom of the social, economic ladder with a husband in jail.

Her neighbour, John Fox, originally a migrant from the UK, is nouveau riche and self-satisfied. His wife, Barbara, is in her 40’s and childless after twenty years of marriage,

The lives of David and Jill Hughes have been disrupted by Jill’s ill-health which has been precarious since before they married. Fiona and Alec Cameron are the backbones of Christchurch society, giving service to the community in a variety of ways. Of all the residents they are perhaps the most contented. Hannah Naseby, an unmarried, retired Educational Psychologist in her sixties, has just returned from some years in the U.K. She is friendless and rather uncommunicative when the story opens. However, her life dramatically changes when she befriends an unmarried mother, Jessie. Find out how all these very human characters relate and how their lives change because of it.

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